Brand Philosophy

Akin to a penguin that takes on multiple roles – of protector (of its young ones), hunter, leader or partner, versatility and dynamism are at the heart of Penguin Promo Products. We have survived market vagaries for over a decade. Evolving in tandem with changing customer tastes and growing competition. We remain adaptable without hurting customer interest.

We are a powerhouse of innovation and dynamism, not a puddle of stagnated ideas and attitudes. We centre our business philosophy around what business wants and transform ourselves according to customer priorities.

Being resourceful is our core value. We fetch what value the customer wants rather than force what we have down his throat. Offering the customer, a heady mix of variety, affordability, quality and timeliness we win by showcasing our capabilities, unlike most others who overpromise and underdeliver. Whatever the order small or big, our solutions remain top of the line.

Being enterprising in our endeavours, we are committed to entertaining innovative ideas and progressive thinking within our own company or the customer’s. This is the secret sauce in our successes.

We are the one of the oldest and largest players
in the institutional marketing business

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