Penguins B2B

The Penguin B2B web portal is specially designed and deployed for Penguin Promo Products’ partners who wish order in bulk. It simplifies the ordering process by making it customer specific and user-friendly. Besides the attractive look ‘n feel, the portal is rated highly for user experience.

The Penguin B2B web portal empowers customers to browse by unique need. At the click of a button, you can apply pre-set filters on the portal; zero in on your exact requirement and book.

Power to You!

Trust us. You will be spoiled for choice. Choosing from among the hundreds of mixes of brands, designs, colours, fabrics & materials; you can put together a precise shopping list for 10 units or 10000 units. Our economies of scalable enable us to deliver larger orders in time.

What’s more! You can order unlisted items and we can source it for you cost-effectively, on time without compromising on our famed graphic standards.

At Penguins Promo we realize that people’s tastes vary with region. We can make our products region specific, wearer specific, company specific, event specific. Ask and thou shalt receive!!

Penguins Promo ensures that in the clutter of crowded markets, your brand must be distinct, creative, dynamic and alluring. Our B2B portal is a shared services platform that caters to employee or partner. It takes Institutional Marketing to the next level by giving customers fast, dependable online access to order branded merchandise.

We are the one of the oldest and largest players
in the institutional marketing business

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