Institutional Marketing

Today, customers take the brand name Penguins Promo Products in the same breath as corporate gifting. Penguins has irrevocably embedded itself in the Institutional Marketing customers minds for over a decade now- thanks to our delivery excellence and timeliness.

We pioneered corporate gifting in the early 2000s when Institutional Marketing was a fledgling industry in India. We lead today; 13 years later. Corporate gifting, being a part of Institutional Marketing, is a rapidly expanding market in which few competitors can challenge the undoubted leader-- Penguins.

We stake claim to market leadership on the fact that we have served over 500 corporate enterprises so far—and stating that would be a very modest privilege considering that several of those are Fortune 500 biggies.

The distinction between Penguins and competition that surrounds us is categorical-- we lead by example.

Penguin products differ by being superior quality-wise. A Penguin product is valued for its fabric, fast colours, durability, fine embroidery, variety in designs and finally competitive pricing.

We can offer more/better for less thanks to our 15000 sqft centralized warehouse in Bangalore and other storage facilities in major metros. The business case is founded on the proximity principle: ‘Make customers happy by delivering in time from a storehouse nearby’. This strategic initiative has worked wonders for us. Having set-up and successfully managed in-house facilities for branding (printing & embroidery), we can fulfil any order— Whatever the size, turnaround time or specifications. Our key account managers stay in touch with customers to serve the latter whenever needed.

We are the one of the oldest and largest players
in the institutional marketing business

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